Exchange complexity for clarity.

FischerJordan is a cross-disciplinary consulting firm that helps businesses achieve uncommon clarity, gain control and win in the marketplace.

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A well-defined process to eliminate confusion and help you win in the marketplace.

Clearly Define Your Business Objectives


We engage key members of your team to help define and quantify your top business priorities.  We work interactively to define an appropriate solution scope, approach and time frame for delivering results.

Acquire & Synthesize Relevant Data


We identify, clean, merge, and analyze all data and information that may inform your strategy.  This data is analyzed within the context of the specific problems being solved, but also becomes a valuable ongoing resource for your business.

Develop an Action Plan


We synthesize information, analysis and capability constraints into a coherent strategy for achieving your objectives, a specific action plan to drive this strategy, and a set of business and financial metrics to quantify progress against your goals.

Partner with You to See it Through


We don’t just give you a plan. We are committed to being your partner throughout the implementation process. Our work is not complete until you have moved from complexity to clarity.

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“At Red Robin we undertook a complete review of our IT team structure and implemented major changes including new roles, people evaluation, data management break fix, etc. I found Gustav to be very atypical for a consultant in that I always felt he had our best interest at heart, tried to get to the best answer and was a pleasure to work with.”

Stuart Brown, CFO of Iron Mountain


According to Greek myth, Alexander the Great approached the complex problem of the Gordian Knot – infamous for its reputation of being impossible to undo – by simply cutting the knot in half. He never eliminated the knot’s complexity. Instead, he found a straightforward means of addressing the challenge, demonstrating that a confounding problem can be solved with sharp clarity. This story has two applications for the modern enterprise. Complexity doesn’t have to be impassible, and the way through may lie in a change of thinking.

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Consulting is plagued by models that over-promise and under-deliver, and many of them fail to consider this crucial truth: just like the Gordian Knot, your complexity cannot be eliminated. But the way forward can be clarified. FischerJordan merges three standalone disciplines – strategy, analytics, and technology – to deliver a focused approach to solving your problems instead of complicating your process. We’ll leave you with peace of mind that your investments are well-founded.

We understand that your organization deserves improved outcomes that meet your high expectations. You want to be certain that you have made the right investment in your own resources and in our expertise.

We identify the right balance between Strategy, Analytics, and Technology – three crucial facets of your organization – to show you the best way to maximize your return on investments. And when delivered value exceeds your investment, your enterprise takes on new purpose.

FischerJordan’s transparent and honest approach to consulting has helped numerous prominent companies radically streamline their processes and improve their bottom line. With us, you are not getting an open-ended staffing obligation, but an active transformation validated by results. Out of the countless decisions you make in a day, your decision to hire us will stand out as the moment you started exchanging complexity for clarity.

How much are inefficient systems costing you?

Information systems are hotbeds of potential chaos and can quickly become unmanageable, unregulated, and ultimately unusable.

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We treat people with dignity in all of our work. We understand that our decisions have real human impact.


We are committed to helping you make the right decisions for your business through an objective, fact-based approach.


We stand behind our advice and work with your organization to ensure it is clearly understood and incorporated.


We see plans through to reality and ensure they deliver measurable results.



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