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FischerJordan employs cutting-edge analytical tools and techniques to help transform your business.  However, we do not stop there.  Every analysis and model we build is created with a focused view of the strategic context and technical environment it will be applied in.  This ensures our analytics are both strategically relevant, and can be implemented in a timely way to drive maximum impact.


Strategic Focus Areas

Before you define the right metrics for your organization, do you know the results those same metrics should drive? Not knowing costs you valuable resources. We can help. Tools we employ for your analytics solution include:



Understand your profitability drivers by product and segment.  Identify specific opportunities for re-pricing and margin improvement.



Improve marketing and sales results through targeting and performance analytics.

Case StudIES

Discover how our 4-step process has helped clients avoid confusion and succeed in the marketplace.


Driving Revenue Growth by Identifying Untapped Cross-Sell Opportunities

Post-merger, executives at a leading US healthcare firm faced operational, profitability and scalability problems in their sales. Analyzing the bottlenecks in sales pipeline provided insight to an untapped incremental revenue opportunity. Identification of sequential cross-sell opportunities and bundling helped increase client revenue and build customer equity.


A Top Down Approach to Minimizing Revenue Leakage

Executives at a leading US healthcare firm had anecdotal evidence that they were not realizing the full contractual revenue on many transactions they fulfilled. Identification of the primary causes of revenue leakage not only helped increase revenue realized but also prevent future leakage.

At a Fortune 100 financial services firm combined customer experience, usage, profitability, and risk indicators to create an integrated dashboard for executives, CSRs, and account managers that drove $15M in top line growth.

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