Pursue meaningful work with purpose.

FischerJordan is committed to helping people grow and shape our trajectory as a company. We are dedicated to creating an environment that will keep you excited about your work and life throughout your professional career.

Careers at FischerJordan

At FischerJordan, you’ll join a winning team with a specific and novel approach to deliver client value.  But you’ll also influence the direction of the company.  Our firm will benefit as much from your contributions as you’ll benefit from being a part of it.

If you have excelled academically, perform well under pressure, and have an insatiable hunger for cracking the world’s most challenging problems, join us.

Congratulations to the Winners of Research Challenge 2022

                                  1.             Yash Jain and Vani Bhasin

                                  2.      Ankith Suresh and Abhishek Sahu

                                  3.      Jasika Walia and Noah Provenzano

To provide our new consultants and summer analysts with a taste of data-driven management consulting and give them a first-hand experience of problem-solving methods in the business world using real world data, this summer, we conducted a Research Challenge. It was an opportunity for new hires to showcase their research and analytics skills and get expert guidance from our team at the same time with a chance to win cash prizes over $1,000!

Find a role that fits your expertise.

Whether you are a recent grad or long-time consultant, we want you to grow alongside us.

We pride ourselves on being a true meritocracy.  Even for exceptionally talented individuals, there often exists a “reputation barrier” to progress early in their career. For those that join us, even at the most junior level, we strive to remove this barrier so that talent has a chance to excel.



Business Analyst

As a Business Analyst with Fischer Jordan, you will play an integral role in a high-impact consulting team helping our clients transform their businesses, as well as helping to build our firm.

You will be responsible for financial modeling, data acquisition and analysis, market research, creating and delivering presentations to clients, and working closely with clients to understand and improve their businesses. Key skills areas required for the job include strong math and analytical skills, great interactions with people, and an ability to probe issues to their deepest levels.

Engagement Manager

At FischerJordan, Engagement Managers are the cornerstone of every project, are responsible for all elements of value delivery, and play a leadership role in guiding and growing the firm.

On specific engagements, your role will include structuring the overall approach to solving a problem, guiding team members as they pursue their objectives, and partnering with clients to create and implement winning strategies and achieve measurable results.

Within the firm, you will mentor, appraise and help team members as they grow their skill sets; work with Partners to guide the strategic direction of the firm and implement specific improvement initiatives; and help continue to build our base of intellectual capital, human capital, and clients.

Let’s talk about your future with FischerJordan

Share your skills and background

Let’s have a conversation and discuss how your unique skills & talents  can help us build something meaningful together.

Find your fit

Your experience should be utilized in ways that maximize your skillset and make you a vital contributor.

Work with purpose

You will be joining a team who believes in what we profess and is genuinely excited about the work we do.

We are committed to building a team of talented and high-energy consultants who share our values and goals.


We treat people with dignity in all of our work. We understand that our decisions have real human impact.


We are committed to helping you make the right decisions for your business through an objective, fact-based approach.


We stand behind our advice and work with your organization to ensure it is clearly understood and incorporated.


We see plans through to reality and ensure they deliver measurable results.



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