FischerJordan + Food Banks

FischerJordan’s foundation of clarity extends to the ways we give back to our communities. That’s why we started the FischerJordan + Food Banks initiative – we’ve partnered with a select number of non-profit food banks to provide them with crucial food items directly. Our goal is to maximize the number of people we can help and minimize hunger. 

How It Works

1. We provide the food

We purchase food items directly from a food bank’s preferred vendor and arrange for delivery to our food bank partners, saving them time sourcing and purchasing the food they already planned to acquire.

2. Food banks distribute it

Our food bank partners already have proven systems for getting food to hungry communities. Once our donations come in, they take care of distribution.

3. People get the food they need

Whenever we make a donation to one of our food bank partners, we know that eventually, our entire donation will go directly to people in need. This is part of our commitment to clarity, even while we do our part to give back to communities.
Our Food Bank Partners
We’re partnering with non-profit food banks looking for help in securing the right food products for the people they serve. Our current network includes food banks across the U.S. and India, so location is not a barrier for those who share our passion for this work.

Do you represent a food bank interested in joining our network?

FJ + Food Banks In Action
Our foundations of clarifying complex problems extend to the ways we give back to our communities. 


We treat people with dignity in all of our work. We understand that our decisions have real human impact.


We are committed to helping you make the right decisions for your business through an objective, fact-based approach.


We stand behind our advice and work with your organization to ensure it is clearly understood and incorporated.


We see plans through to reality and ensure they deliver measurable results.

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