Managing Business Performance through Driver-Based Analysis and Dashboarding


Executives at a leading healthcare firm needed to understand the profitability drivers of their business and optimize them across customer and product segment.  Understanding the value generated by each dollar of opex spent, and developing an interactive P&L to help manage them on an ongoing basis, allowed them to convert their opex base into an asset with continuously improving top-line and bottom-line returns.


Clearly Define Your Business Objectives

A leading healthcare firm wanted to understand the profitability drivers of their business and develop a set of reporting dashboards that would allow executives to assess performance at the product and customer segment level.

The business objective was to improve profitability by first understanding its underlying drivers, optimizing them, and finally developing an interactive P&L which could periodically intake data from a diverse set of business systems and generate updated profitability metrics without requiring significant additional work from their staff. 


Aquire & Synthesize Relevant Data

The first step was helping our clients understand the value generated by each dollar they spent. We accomplished this by creating an allocation model to link resources directly to the products and clients that consumed them. This required accessing, cleaning and merging data from customer service systems, finance databases, and product platforms.  Together these datasets gave us an all-around view of how resources were deployed by product and customer segment, and where efficiency could be improved.


Develop an Action Plan

A set of product KPI dashboards helped product managers identify efficiency gaps and suitable areas for re-engineering efforts. Additional client dashboards enabled the sales and account team to understand which types of clients were most profitable and helped prioritize their pipeline and retention efforts.  Using these dashboards and the analytics behind them allowed our clients to clearly identify and target areas for improvement.

Partner with You to See it Through


Partner with You to See it Through

In total, the analysis and dashboard helped jumpstart efforts which led to 8% reduction in direct costs. The profitability tool ensured that business leaders could continue to track and manage profitability at a client and product level, helping them set better organizational targets and push for continued improvement across the business.


Case StudIES

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