Consider the whole.

FischerJordan helps you align your foremost initiatives to a strategic vision supported by rigorous analytics and enabled by your technology portfolio.


Strategic Focus Areas

 Your strategy is your best way to stay on track in the midst of a rapidly changing marketplace. Our strategic solutions rely on several different areas of information to help you consider the whole. Some of the capabilities we’ll help you assess:  



Maximize the impact of your investments by optimizing product, segment, and channel ROI.



Increase performance and maximize productivity by rethinking your business processes and resourcing strategy.

Case StudIES

Discover how our 4-step process has helped clients avoid confusion and succeed in the marketplace.


A Data-Driven Approach to Fine Tuning Product and Pricing Strategy

A leading US financial services firm sought to validate their hypotheses regarding their competitive advantages and disadvantages in each of three markets. An analysis of the major competitors in each space allowed them to prepare and refine a data-driven strategy to expand their market share.


What Does Your Real Sales Cycle Look Like?

Executives at a leading US healthcare provider faced unexpected shortfalls and volatility in revenue, in addition to inconsistent forecasting. Sales pipeline metrics indicated a level of robust activity at logical odds with the decline in sales revenue. Examining their sales pipeline in greater detail helped them to understand revenue variations and eventually enabled better forecasting and investment allocation.

At a major Care Management provider, we leveraged member health and claims data to quantify and improve impact of products on health outcomes and reduce claims cost by 15% in targeted segments.

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3 Key Ways Strategy Can Transform your Organization

Strategies should lead to specific actions and results.



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